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L20" x W18" X H40"


Hanging wardrobe space to keep hanging clothes clean and protected whilst moving house or in storage.     

Contains  integral metal rail that captures hanger hooks.                                                                                  

Box sides are printed with the words: "HANGING GARMENT CARRIER", "HANDLE WITH CARE" and the umbrella symbol (keep dry)                    

Wardrobes are supplied with a rigid hanging rail which when fitted helps to maintain the rigidity of the structure.   

Strong, double wall, corrugated cardboard box manufactured to 125 craft grade                               

Environmentally sound: 80% recycled paper, 20% pure 150 grade Kraft grade paper outer for moisture resistance.                  

The wardrobe  will not crushing or impact damage under reasonable use and moving conditions        

Strong water soluble adhesive is used on box seams which is 100% bio-degradable and metal staples secure the box door seam base.                                          

The wardrobe cardboard is 100% recyclable or is easy to pack away and reuse.                

Additional information                            


Wardrobe box cartons are delivered as flat packs with rail in heat-sealed, weatherproof, heavy-duty polythene.                

Delivered next working day to London and UK is standard.                                   

Packing suggestions:                   

Men's clothes - suits & trousers, shirts & ties, cardigans & jumpers, jackets & coats, dressing gown. Women's clothes - dresses & skirts; scarves & belts, suits and jackets, shirts and blouses, jeans and trousers, wedding dress                                                                                                                               

Children's clothes - School uniform, suit, jumpers, suit, dresses.                                                                    

Outdoor clothing - Overcoats, raincoats, cagoules, jackets.                                   

Easy Assembly and Use             

The combination plastic and metal clothes rail provides additional anti-crush rigidity to the portable wardrobe,                       

Whilst a metal hanger hook capture has holes to prevents clothes hangers from sliding                    

Pre-cut folds in the carton provide an access door, and there is a folding flap on which to position the clothes rail                   

When clothes are hung, fold the side flaps to secure the door and tape shut                           

Side positioned handle holes allow easy carry                


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Wardrobe Boxes (L20" x W18" X H40")

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