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L18" x W18" X H10"


Small packing box is the ideal size for moving small and heavy or delicate and fragile items.

This box is very strong (5 layer, double walled) to keep items safe during transit.

Professional quality as used by moving companies!

Strong double-wall corrugated cardboard with 125 grade Kraft KT grade paper outer, glued flute, middle cardboard element, glued flute and inner cardboard element.

Structurally strong - safe stacking without distortion. Will not crush or deform under reasonable use

Environmentally sound: 80% recycled paper, 20% pure 150 grade Kraft grade paper outer for moisture resistance. Reuseable, 100% bio-degradable and recyclable


Additional information


Delivery is next working day and the flat packed items are weatherproof wrapped in heat-sealed, heavy-duty polythene.            

Packing suggestions:     

LOUNGE - TV remotes, porcelain ornaments, crystal wares, vases, ornamental plates, dvds and video games        

BED - Bedroom items such as alarm clocks, books, watches, china ornaments, small boxes, toys, kids camera, games 

BATHROOM - toothbrush holders, shaving accessories, disposable items - toothpaste, hair products, skincare products   

DINING ROOM - crystal glasses and glass tumblers, plates, tableware  

STUDY - pens and pencils, stationary, staplers, photo frames   

KITCHEN - tinned food, sauce packets, cutlery, glass food jars, wine glasses, tumblers, cups and mugs, utensils        

GARDEN - small garden tools - secateurs, forks, small balls, spanners and screwdrivers    

STORAGE - heirlooms, photographs     

GENERAL - video and stills camera, small lamps, phones, small bowls  



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Small Packing Box (L18" x W18" X H10")

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