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L18" x W18" X H30"


A great box  for packing  large and bulky items. Strong and tall for moving t hose  large  and bulky house hold items.           

Two and a half feet high of rigid volume to safely  and  easily  pack  bedding, clothing, lamps, toys and kitchenware.              

Professional quality as used by moving companies!                                                                             

Strong double-wall corrugated cardboard with 125 grade Kraft KT grade paper outer, glued flute, middle cardboard element, glued flute and inner cardboard element.                   

Structurally   strong - safe stacking without distortion. Will not crush or deform under reasonable use                                                                                      

Environmentally sound: 80% recycled paper, 20% pure 150 grade Kraft grade paper outer for moisture resistance.                  

 Reusable, 100% bio-degradable and recyclable                           

Additional information              


Delivery is next working day and the flat packed items are weatherproof wrapped in heat-sealed, heavy-duty polythene.                          

Packing suggestions:                   

LOUNGE - table lamps, electrical goods, cushions, fruit bowls, DVD, Video, Satellite, Games consoles          

BED - children's toys, games, rolled up posters, books, folded clothes, bed linen, blankets, and bedside lamps       

BATHROOM - spare bottles, hair and skincare products, baskets of items, sponges, small towels, cleaning items                

DINING ROOM - table linen, small lamp stands, chair covers                  

STUDY - desk lamps, computer, computer peripherals, video and camera equipment                     

KITCHEN - towels and tea towels, pots and pans, steamers, kettle, plastic wares                              

GARDEN - kid’s toys, sport equipment, tins of paint, brushes and rollers, sheets covers                 

STORAGE - framed pictures, lamps, kids toys and books, bags, Christmas                           

GENERAL - items of clothing, electrical, fridge and freezer contents      


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Large Packing Box (L18" x W18" X H30")

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